interview session

usually $400 now $200

We spend 2 hours interviewing a

representative of your business telling us the ins and outs of what you provide and why people should choose you. Perfect for digital marketing materials.


usually $550 now $275

This package includes a promotional content commercial, up to 60 seconds. we can help you promote a new product, service or campaign. The ideal video service for small business owners.

music video production


Every musician needs visual content. Imagine your music with a professionally produced music video? Look no further...

half day production


2 cameras, 2 operators, full lighting set up, sound equipment and 6 hours to create the content you deserve.

docuseries package


Our television series service that follows the story of a person or group of people and their involvement in real events and situations over a period of time. This deal includes 24 hours of production.


usually $600 now $300

2 hour photography session comes with RAW images delivered to you the next day. This package includes 5 hours of editing and we offer optional prints and studio space.

social media pack

usually $650 now $325

The best way to be seen! 4 x 15 second branded content videos and 5 edited images you can use on your social media. We will shoot for 3 hours to capture the best content for you.

full day production


2 cameras, 2 operators, full lighting set up, sound equipment and 12 hours to create a full day's worth of content for your project,  service or campaign.

full coverage wedding


Want the ability to relive your special day over and over again? We provide 1 photographer and 2 videographers full the entire event to capture the most beautiful moments of a lifetime.